CORE SEAL Projects

Expansion Joint Repair

Square One Shopping Centre
Oxford Properties

Underside Floor Reinstatement

Square One Shopping Centre
Oxford Properties

Change of Service Requirements

Commerce Court
Quoin Construction Ltd.

Hole Repairs

CF Toronto Eaton Centre

Fire Rating Reinstatement

CF Markville Mall

Duct Opening

77 Bloor St., Toronto – Ledcor Group

CORE SEAL Testimonials

Hole Reinstatement

“Whenever I have concrete opening to reinstate, I call Core Seal. At our Sureway Gardens project we had hundreds if not more than one thousand core holes to fill. Our normal labour-intensive method of using a lift on the underside of the slab, installing rebar, mounting material to contain the concrete, then filling the hole, and eventually stripping the no longer needed material is time consuming and cost intensive. Core Seal’s innovative single sided system gets the job done from the top of the slab without the need of expensive equipment in far less time. Core Seal when asked has provided Ellis Don with quick, professional and cost-effective service.”

Maria Leggio, B. Arch.Sci

Project Manager, Ellis Don Construction and Building Services

Difficult Reinstatement

“We have used this product and service on several job sites. We typically use Core Seal over sensitive space below (restricted areas) or difficult and challenging ceiling spaces with limiting access. In all cases, we have been successful through the entire process, and least invasive, much to the satisfaction of our clients at Rogers Arena Vancouver and Holt Renfrew project. I will continue to call on Core Seal for concrete re-instatement projects.”

Rick Hurst

Senior Site Superintendent, BLT Construction Services

Floor Reinstatement

“When Modern Niagara needs to reinstated concrete floors, we call Core Seal. I used Core Seal at a University of Toronto, Mississauga campus project and Core Seal performed excellently. There service was hassle free and provide no service interruptions to the on-going building use.”

Amer Warde

Chief Estimator, Modern Niagara Special Projects Division

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