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Core Seal are experts in providing slab and concrete wall reinstatement services in Ontario, Canada.

Established in 2013, the company has a management team with collectively over 100 years of construction experience.  Our business was and is built on the foundation of long-term relationships developed by the management team with our local and global clients.

Our Team

The Core Seal team is assembled from a group of employees who are highly skilled, reliable and have a vast knowledge of all facets of construction.  Each Team member cares deeply for our clients and the work we carry out.   Whatever you need, you can count on the Core Seal Team to finish the job to your specifications. We reinstate the fire rating where mechanical, electrical, ventilation and building services openings are no longer required.

Our Customer Service

Regardless of the size of the project, we guarantee the same attention to detail and the highest quality of service.  We strive for Service Excellence.  We work along side our clients and the construction team from planning to completion.  We will always find the right solution for your concrete opening.

Our Clients

Our clients cover a broad and diverse range of industries from retail stores, large multi-national constructors to property managers and developers.



Safety is in everything we do.  At the end of the day, what matters most is that everyone makes it home to their families.

Our health and safety record is always a concern.  That’s because we have a safety culture, not just a safety program. Everyone at Core Seal contributes in promoting health, wellbeing, and safety.  This is embedded in all of our processes — from initial inspection, to work set up and the reinstatement work to our service and client relations. We practice prevention, which means we won’t hesitate to halt our work if we have health or safety concerns.

Core Seal complies with all industry safety legislation and regulations without exception. And we make sure our teams in the field have all the tools and protective equipment they need to work safely. 

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